Friday, July 13, 2018 at 11:32 AM
Please excuse our dust! Our second floor galleries will be closed until December 2018. Visit our construction blog for more info!
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Current Exhibits

Excuse our dust!

During the 2018 expansion of the Museum, some galleries may be closed or partially closed. Our second floor galleries are closed through December 2018 for renovation and reinstallation. The Immel Circus gallery will reopen in September.

Check back for updates, or call 330-833-4061 in advance of your visit. Thank you for understanding, as we expand our facility to better serve you and the community!

Main Gallery

Moniker: Identity Lost & Found

June 23 - October 21, 2018
FREE exhibit opening Saturday, June 23 from 6:00-9:00pm

The history of monikers is that of folklore.  These are the stories that have traveled by word of mouth for generations.  There is no definitive written history or catalog of this art form, nor inventory of biographies of the individuals involved with it.  In this powerful exhibition, the Massillon Museum has stepped in to record this history and document it so that it can remain a part of railroad heritage for generations to come. The exhibit, which will run through October 21, 2018, offers unprecedented documentation and exploration of mark-making and monikers, a grassroots movement which began in rail yards in the late nineteenth century, and continue today.
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Lobby Exhibit

Urban Archeology

During the excavation of the property that will house our new building, workers have unearthed many small treasures.  Most of these items date to the 1930s, which corresponds to the construction of the Massillon Museum’s current building, the Gensemer Brothers’ Dry Goods Store in 1931.  These items were likely discarded as trash or were used to fill in the 1931 construction pit.

Lower Level Exhibit

Collection Highlight: Massillon Glass

May 15 - June 5, 2018

While the Massillon Museum’s renovation has disrupted galleries and public spaces, staff and volunteers have been busy behind the scenes rehousing collections of accessories, china, ceramics, and glass. They have unpacked hundreds of pieces of glass—photographing, inventorying, and properly storing them. To showcase that work and the treasures they’re protecting and to provide displays for visitors while regular galleries are closed, cases have been installed in the lower level lobby. Their contents will change every three weeks.

Both utilitarian and art glass were produced in Massillon. One case contains bottles for milk, alcoholic beverages, and carbonated soda. The other case features art glass “whimsies” made with leftover melted glass at the end of each work day—turtles, chains, gazing globes, canes, lilies, and paper weights.

The Immel Circus Gallery

*This gallery is now closed for renovations through September 2018. Stay tuned for updates.

The Immel Circus is one of the most interesting “pieces” in the collection of the Massillon Museum. The 100-square foot miniature hand-carved circus contains 2,620 pieces. Surrounding the Immel Circus are rotating displays of a selection of circus-related artifacts from Dr. Robert Immel's collection.

The Immel Circus collection contains more than 1,400 artifacts of circus-related memorabilia. This collection includes 115 photographs of circus sideshow acts, 559 circus letterheads, 128 books, 256 circus programs, 357 miscellaneous circus photographs, and various costumes, figurines, and posters.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Robert Immel, his collection, and miniature circus.

Click here to view a small online gallery of circus photos from the Immel Circus collection, including P.T. Barnum and Tom Thumb.



Fred F. Silk Community Room Gallery

Fantasy Artwork by Tim Eakin and high school students

April 7 - May 6, 2018



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