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History Group

The history group meets on the first Tuesday of every month from 10:00 a.m. until Noon to chat casually about a pre-announced topic, usually a narrow segment of Massillon history. Chris Craft moderates the discussion.

The "Massillon Remembers" group is free and open to everyone; new participants are welcome at any time. Some people come to every session; others attend when the topic is of special interest to them. No reservations are required. Coffee and donuts are available for a donation.

The Massillon Museum is located at 121 Lincoln Way East (Ohio 172), in downtown Massillon. For more information, call the Massillon Museum at 330-833-4061.


2019 Discussion Topics

July 2, 2019
Summer Celebrations
August 6, 2019
Farm Markets, Orchards, Fresh Produce
September 3, 2019
Bars and Nightclubs
October 1, 2019
Massillon Cemeteries and Funeral Practices
November 5, 2019
Tigertown Trivia
December 5, 2019
Show and Tell

2019 Previously Discussed Topics

January 8, 2019
Things Our Children Got Us Into
February 5, 2019
Romantic Locations, First Loves, and Local Jewelers
March 5, 2019
Massillon's National Register and Historic Sites
April 2, 2019
History of Massillon Suburbs
May 7, 2019
Great Homes and Houses in Massillon
June 4, 2019
Massillon Stone Quarries and Stone Buildings


2018 Previously Discussed Topics

January 2, 2018
Lost Massillon—Places that Once Were
What buildings and businesses do you miss? 
February 6, 2018
Great Quotes
I wonder who said that?
March 6, 2018
Opportunities Missed
What if you had hopped on that Greyhound?
April 3, 2018
People, Places & Events that Shaped My Life
What were the strongest influences in your past?  
May 1 , 2018
Costume Parties, Masquerades & Gatherings
Did you have more fun wearing a disguise?
June 5, 2018
Travel Stories & Adventures
What was the best place you ever visited?
What was your worst travel experience?
July 3, 2018
My Family’s Role in Building America
Did your ancestors make steel, teach future leaders,
farm, serve in public office, construct buildings?
August 7, 2018
Most Interesting & Unusual Jobs
What was your favorite job?  Your worst? 
September 4, 2018
Best Memories
If you could write just one or two stories of your life,
what would they be?
October 3, 2018
The Scariest Thing I Ever Did
Parachute?  Start a business?  Fight in a war?
November 6, 2018
Tigertown Trivia
Local history fun, facts, and “fabulous” prizes!
December 4, 2018
Show and Tell
Bring special photos and treasures to share with friends.


2017 Previously Discussed Topics

JANUARY 3, 2017
Hobbies, Pastimes, and Special Skills
What have you collected or crafted?

FEBRUARY 7, 2017
Diners, Dives, and Drive-ins
Remember Smitty's, Brady's, Roberta's, and Bill's?

MARCH 7, 2017
Favorite TV Westerns
Who were your favorite cowboys?

APRIL 4, 2017
Pranks and Practical Jokes
How did you trick your friends, and what did they do to you?

MAY 2, 2017
Fires and Firefighters
Remember the corner call boxes?
What's the worst fire you ever witnessed?

JUNE 6, 2017
Hold onto Your History
What do you want the young people in your life to know about you?

JULY 4, 2017
Streetcars and Buses
How did you get around before you could drive?

AUGUST 1, 2017
Grandparents and Special Ancestors
What was the best advice Grandpa ever gave you?

Neighborhood Fun
Where did you live? How did you and your friends amuse yourselves before video games?

OCTOBER 3, 2017
Origin of Old-time Expressions
Think about this until the cows come home!

NOVEMBER 7, 2017
Tigertown Trivia
Local history fun, facts, and “fabulous” prizes with Margy Vogt!

DECEMBER 5, 2017
Show and Tell
Bring your special photos and treasures to share with friends.

2016 Previously Discussed Topics

JANUARY 5, 2016
Extreme Weather
Heavy snow storms, floods, tornados, 1969/1970 rains

FEBRUARY 2, 2016
Special Moments in My Life
Bring photos of personal and family milestones

MARCH 1, 2016
What Was There Before?
What used to be in the McClymonds building, the Library
parking lot, the Stone Block, Grand Mill Center...?

APRIL 5, 2016
Most Embarrassing Moments
Did you hit 27 foul balls? Trip on stage at graduation?

MAY 3, 2016
Victory Gardens, best public gardens, your vegetable crops,
favorite flowers, trouble with Peter Rabbit...

JUNE 7, 2016
Famous Folks
Who visited Massillon? Did you shake hands with a President?
Celebrity autographs?

JULY 5, 2016
The Best of...
Where did you get the best burgers? Produce?
Car repairs? Hair cuts? Flowers? Milk shakes?

AUGUST 2, 2016
Drug Stores
Remember Jackman’s? Baltzly’s? Briner’s? Lincoln Drugs?

Where did ytou learn the juiciest scoop? Cigar stores, barber
shops, beauty parlors, Salmagundi, gas station, neighbors?

OCTOBER 4, 2016
Show and Tell
Bring your special photos and treasures to share with friends!

NOVEMBER 1, 2016
Tigertown Trivia
Local history fun, facts, and “fabulous” prizes with Margy Vogt!

DECEMBER 6, 2016
Cherished Christmas Memories
Family traditions, church pageants, parties, best gifts...


2015 Previously Discussed Topics

JANUARY 6, 2015
Why Did They Call It That?
Streets, buildings, parks, neighborhoods, and bridges

FEBRUARY 3, 2015
“Old School”
Bring photos and objects for possible use in exhibit
Part of The Big Read

MARCH 3, 2015
Local Inventions and Inventors
Cars, bridges, the cow catcher, stoves...

APRIL 7, 2015
Pranks and Practical Jokes
April Fools tricks, camp antics, jokes on friends

MAY 5, 2015
Massillon Stone Quarries, Buildings, and Bridges
Where did the stone come from and where is it now?

JUNE 2, 2015
Local Musicians and Music Stores
Piano factories, Engelhardt’s, and talented Massillonians

JULY 7, 2015
A Century of Films & Fun at the Lincoln Theatre
WHS senior movies, favorite films, dish night, bank night

AUGUST 4, 2015
Tools and Hardware
Did you ever buy tools from Blaumeiser’s or Demmer’s?

Fall Traditions
Football mums, Oktoberfests,Trick or Treat...

OCTOBER 6, 2015
Unexplained and Odd Occurrences
A door won’t stay closed? A warm spot in a cold house?

NOVEMBER 3, 2015
Tigertown Trivia
Local history fun, facts, “fabulous” prizes with Margy Vogt

DECEMBER 1, 2015
Show and Tell
Bring your favorite photos and treasures to show!

2014 Previoiusly Discussion Topics

January 7, 2014: History of Local Church Buildings
Previous buildings? Offbeat uses of buildings? 

February 4, 2014: Experiences with Wild Animals and Pets
Squirrels in the house? Have you been skunked?

March 4, 2014: Trains, Planes, and Streetcars
Tell about your rides!

April 1, 2014: Fairs and Festivals
Street fairs, Stark County Fair, traveling festivals

May 6, 2014: Gas Stations and Car Dealerships
Wash the windshield and check the oil?

June 3, 2014: Fine Residences of Massillon
Remember the homes that lined Lincoln Way?

July 1, 2014: Hotels and Motels
From the Conrad Hotel to the Conrad Hilton

August 5, 2014: Downtown Massillon Stores
Stark Dry Goods, Long & Pietzcker, Segal's...

September 2, 2014: Massillon History Trivia
Fun questions... with "fabulous" prizes

October 7, 2014: Home Delivery
Milk, bread, groceries, laundry...

November 4, 2014: Viaducts and Dedication
Did you attend the parade?

December 2, 2014: Show and Tell
Bring your favorite treasures to show!

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