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Accessibility Initiatives: Exhibits

Moniker: Identity Lost & Found
June 23 through October 21, 2018

Moniker: Identity Lost and Found, an unprecedented documentation of mark-making and monikers—grassroots movements which began in rail yards in the late 19th century and continue today. During the late 1800s, blue-collar workers and travelers began drawing unique symbols and words on the sides of train cars in chalk, ephemeral marks that crossed the countryside, exposed to anyone who idly watched passing trains. Over time, mark-making developed into a coded system of communication. Through repetition, recognition, and transcontinental exposure, symbols took on a deeper meaning. A drawing became a moniker: a name, an identity.

This exhibit features Braille guides for all introductory panels, touchable artifacts on our lower level, a tactile book of 37 monikers, and a complete audio guided tour (available here).

Blind Spot: A Matter of Perception
February 18 through May 23, 2017

Blind Spot: A Matter of Perception, presents ten abstract paintings from the Massillon Museum collection, representing regionally-, nationally-, and internationally-recognized artists.  These paintings are made accessible to patrons with blindness or low vision for the first time, through multisensory experience.  Following conversations with the Massillon Museum curator, sounds in the sonic iPad touch-screen apps that accompany each painting were selected by co-curators Barry and Jan Stirbens of Stark County, Ohio, who have both been blind since birth.  Braille and large-type labels, as well as small-scale aluminum tactile models of each painting, help to experience the artworks through multiple senses. Read more about this exhibition here.

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