Stark County History Resource Day

Join us on Saturday, October 1 from 10:00am-2:00pm for a FREE day of history resources!

We will host several local organizations (listed below) will be stationed in the MassMu lobby to share their genealogy and history resources. Guests will learn how to request records, files, and photographs and hear presentations that will highlight some of the most interesting resources the community has to offer.

The event is designed to familiarize guests with local history repositories and institutions and the tools and archives they can offer to help find historical and genealogical information. While it will not be a time to actually research family and house histories, attending the resource day will help participants learn how to best find the information and images they want to see.

List of participating organizations:

Massillon Museum
The Massillon Museum preserves more than 100,000 artifacts. Many of these are accessible online via virtual exhibits, Youtube videos, and online PDFs. Click here for more information.

Massillon Public Library Local History & Genealogy Department
The Massillon Public Library focuses on Massillon, Ohio records, including access to Massillon Independent newspapers, city directories, Washington High School Year Books, Massillon School of Nursing yearbooks, birth records, and the Rotch/Wales papers. Click here to visit their website.

Local historian and collector Rudy Turkal
Rudy Turkal has extensive memorabilia, including city arrest records (1930), city jail records (1916), local matchbooks, Washington High School Hi Times (1950s-1960s), Stark County atlas (1896), Stark County World War I history, and more.

Stark County District Library
The Stark County District Library has extensive records related to genealogy and local history. Click here to visit their website.

William McKinley Museum and Library
The McKinley Museum and Library also functions as the Stark County Historical Society. Stay tuned for more details! Click here to visit their website.

Perry Township Historical Society
This historical society has been gathering photographs and archival documents related to the history of Perry Township. They also own the old Genoa School. Click here to learn more.

MAPS Air Museum
MAPS Air Museum is an internationally-known museum of aviation and military artifacts, and serves as a center of aviation history for Northeast Ohio. The museum features exciting educational displays of its collection of acquired artifacts, interactive exhibits and historical archives in its own library. Click here to learn more.

“How do you find when your home was built? What did your house look like 50 years ago? When was your grandfather born? Where did your uncle serve in World War I? These are all questions we want to help you answer,” said Massillon Museum Archivist Mandy Altimus Pond, who has initiated and organized the event.

Pond said, “In the digital age, everyone assumes everything is searchable by Google. There are thousands of amazing documents, photographs, and artifacts that are not digitally accessible yet. We want to share our resources, but many people are unsure how to access these (often free) archives and libraries.”

“The Massillon Public Library is thrilled to collaborate with the Massillon Museum and other local organizations in this event to spotlight our various unique collections and resources,” said Sherie Brown, Massillon Public Library Director. “Like the Massillon Museum, Massillon Public Library offers access to local history and genealogy sources—both digital and print—as well as trained professional assistance. Although researchers can find many tools online, we also look forward to meeting you at History Resource Day and having you stop by the Library to use materials not yet digitized.” 

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