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Speaker's Bureau: Mandy Altimus Stahl

Mandy Altimus Stahl Biography

Archivist Mandy Altimus Stahl began her Massillon Museum career in 2004. She graduated from Kent State University with a BA in history, summa cum laude with honors. Stahl has produced documentary works for the Museum such as Massillon in the Great War: Voices from the Archives (winner of the 2017 visual communications gold award), The Legacy of Steel, The Greatest Generation, and Faces of Rural America (Ravenswood, West Virginia and Monroe City, Missouri). She was plenary speaker for the Society of Ohio Archivists 2016 Spring Conference, and in 2015 she appeared on the Travel Channel’s show, “Mysteries at the Museum,” retelling the tale of Jacob Coxey’s 1894 protest march.  In 2015, Stahl and her family published her grandfather’s World War II prisoner of war memoirs, Forced March: From the Bulge to Berchtesgaden by Major John J. Mohn.  Her book, Early Massillon and Lost Kendal, was published by Arcadia Publishing Images of America series in 2017.  Stahl serves on the Massillon Historic Preservation Commission and as Treasurer and Secretary for the Charity School of Kendal Foundation. 

In 2018, Stahl was honored to be inducted into the YWCA Canton Women’s Hall of Fame.  An award-winning photographer, she has produced photo series such as A Long Time Ago: The Fairytales of Mandy Altimus Pond (2012–2014); Face of Hunger in Stark County, Ohio (2015); and the middle school student project, Images of World War I (2014), funded by ArtsinStark.  In her spare time she can be heard singing with her husband, Bryan Stahl, or leading local history walking tours with Margy Vogt. In December 2018, she gave birth to her son Donovan.

Lectures and Descriptions:

General History Topics:

Titanic & the End of the Edwardian Era (60 minutes or longer)
Mandy Altimus Stahl will discuss the Titanic from concept to completion, the sinking of the Titanic, and stories of the passengers. She will explain the early 1900s and why Titanic was so significant, marking the end of the Edwardian Era with its sinking. Displays include books, photographs, pamphlets, and reproduction newspapers that patrons are encouraged to look through. Each attendee will receive a boarding pass featuring a real passenger aboard the Titanic. After the program passengers may check for their name in the sea of 2,208 passengers on the Titanic list.

Massillon & the Great War (WWI) (60 minutes)
In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of America's involvement in World War I, Mandy Altimus Stahl has compiled a thorough presentation of Massillon and Stark County's contributions to the war. Take a journey from the early 1900s leading up to the Great War, and learn how the first World War led to the second.

Massillon Theaters of Stage & Screen (60 minutes)
Audiences have been entertained on stage and on screen for more than 150 years. Learn about early film theaters, theatre troops, heartwarming stories and scandal.

Entertainment of the early 1900s (30-60 minutes)
Using audio and video clips, Mandy Altimus Stahl will share various sources of entertainment of the early 1900s, including Vaudeville, vinyl records, sheet music, amusement parks, and more. Learn about the social structure of the era and the technological advancements that came from entertainment.

Jacob Coxey, Massillon & The Progressive Era (45 minutes)
Jacob Coxey led the first protest march on Washington D.C., leading a group of unemployed men from Massillon to DC on foot. Coxey's ideas on public works were 40 years ahead of their time. Learn more about one of Massillon's eccentric and famous characters.

Important Women of Massillon (30 minutes)
Massillon women include the first female to run for president to world famous singers and photographers. Learn about the most interesting ladies in Massillon's history.

Early Silent Film 1870-1920 (30-60 minutes)
Where do our moving pictures come from? Mandy Altimus Stahl will lead audiences through the birth of the motion picture to the early narrative films of the 1900s, through the 1920s just before "talkie" sound films were invented.

For Genealogists, Family History and Students:

Preserving Photographs & Documents (30-60 minutes)
Archivist Mandy Altimus Stahl will lead you through the handling and preservation of photographs and documents, including case studies from the Massillon Museum collection. Attendees will get a printed resource guide for appraisals, archival supplies, restoration services, and more.

Recording Your History, Oral Histories: Preserving Stories (30-60 minutes) 
Archivist Mandy Altimus Stahl will discuss why oral histories are important and provide online history resources for broader context. She will provide possible questions to ask your subject, what equipment you'll need, and what to do with your interview once it's complete.

Genealogy of the Massillon Area (30-60 minutes) 

How to Research with Primary & Secondary Resources (45 minutes)

Film as a Historic Resource (30-60 minutes)

For Museums and Historical Societies:

Intermediate Digitization for Museums (45 minutes)
Learn how to scan high resolution images and use them to engage your audiences. This includes uploading to photo-sharing websites, social media, and printing reproductions.

Digital Media Technology in Museum Exhibits & Education (45 minutes)
Case Study: Digitizing Photo Negatives (60 minutes)

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