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Thank you for your interest in the Massillon Museum's permanent collection and archives! Below are several online resources to help you find information about Massillon's history, major events, and the people who improved our city. If you need to contact a staff member for more research assistance, please click here.

Topics Below include:

Preservation How-To Guides
General Massillon History Topics
History of Stark County Publications
Documentaries & Films
Archival Collections Online
Permanent Collection Objects
Virtual Exhibits
Podcasts: Oral History Interviews
Museum Publications
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Preservation How-To Guides

Massillon Museum Online Toolkits & How-To Guides
The Massillon Museum is dedicated to helping individuals and institutions with preservation and digitization projects. There are several collections and archives toolkits for patrons and museum employees available here.

Other Institutions' Information on Storing Photographs and Documents
Photograph care- Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC)
Family Archives care- National Archives

Overview: Research Resource & Databases

Research Frequently Asked Questions list, which may answer many popular requests.

For an overview of the Permanent Collection, click here.
For an overview of the Archival Holdings, click here.

You may also wish to explore the Massillon Public Library's research databases here or visit MassillonMemory.org

Massillon History Topics:

General Massillon History Topics:

Massillon History Timeline


Before Massillon, there was Kendal




The Lincoln Highway


Flood Control Project 1939-1951
Charity School of Kendal


Washington's Birthday Flood of 1848



Massillon Industry & Business:

The Canal in Massillon



Industry: Coal


Industry: Russell and Company




Industry History of Massillon (general)

Enterprise Aluminum

Massillon Glass Factories & Companies

Massillon Photography Studios

Herman J. Albrecht, Architect

Massillon State Hospital

Croxton-Keeton & MCA Sign Company Building


Massillon Sports:

Massillon Professional Tigers Football
Massillon High School Tigers Football


Baseball Teams




Massillon Athletic Club



Famous Massillon People & Early Pioneers:

Thomas Rotch, founder of Kendal
Mayhew Folger, early settler in Kendal
James Duncan, founder of Massillon
Jean-Baptiste Massillon, man for whom our city was named

Abel Fletcher, photographic pioneer
"General" Jacob Coxey, led the first protest march on Washington D.C.
Lillian Gish, silent film actress

Digital Google Maps

Mapping Out Early Massillon & Kendal

Coal Mines of Massillon (coming soon)

Glass Factories

History of Stark County Publications:

A full list of online books about history of Stark County

History of Stark County by William Perrin (printed 1881)

Download searchable PDF of William Perry's history (printed 1881) Vol 1 and 2

John Lehman’s History of Stark County (printed 1916-1920s)

John Danner’s History of Stark County (printed 1904)

Howe’s Historical Collections of Ohio (several different 1800s publications)

Other Howe Ohio history publications


Documentaries and Films:

View all films on MassMu's Youtube Channel:
by Playlist
by list of videos

Seafaring Forefathers film (2006)
The Legacy of Steel, Stark County, Ohio (2004)
Coxey's Army (1994)
The Greatest Generation: 1930s Massillon History (2008)
Skating on the Reservoir (1930s)
Massillon homemovies: Charles and Lucy Myers (1930s)

Purchase reproductions:
Price list for photo and film reproductions

Other Organizations' Collections:
MCTV "Massillon Memories" interviews and old films

Archival Collections Online:

General Jacob Coxey
Russell & Company
Massillon Flood Control Project
The Tuskeegean, featuring Massillon's Wright Walker


Robert Peet Skinner, Journey to Abyssinia: The Hidden Empire

This exhibit follows Massillon native Robert Peet Skinner's journey to Abyssinia in 1903, with the goal of signing a trade treaty. Skinner was accompanied by fellow Massillonians Horatio Wales and Dr. Abraham Per Lee Pease.

Additional Resources:
For full virtual scrapbooks you may also view online:

Additional Publications Online:
"Skinner in Ethiopia" by Hugues Fontaine

The 1903 Skinner Mission to Ethiopia and A Century of American-Ethiopian Relations, re-published 2003, by Robert Peet Skinner, Introduction by Ambassador David H. Shinn, preface by Ambassadora Aurelia E. Brazeal

"The 1903 Skinner Mission: Images of Ethiopia in the Progressive Era" by Amanda Kay McVety, Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era.

"General" Jacob Coxey's March on Washington, 1894

Jacob Coxey had revolutionary ideas about currency and labor in his day. Coxey led the first protest march on Washington D.C. in 1894. This gallery shows photographs and materials related to that march. The Museum holds thousands of news clippings, pamphlets, letters, and family photographs from Coxey's political career and family.

Additional Online Resources:
For more finding aids, pamphlets, and a documentary film, click here.

Caroline McCullough Everhard: Women's Suffrage

Caroline McCullough was an energetic activist.  Highly respected for her public charitable works and her administrative ability, Everhard wrote for numerous literary journals, presided over the Charity School of Kendal board of trustees, helped found the Massillon Humane Society and the Massillon High School Alumnal Association, and helped organize and direct the McClymonds Public Library.  In 1885, she became the first woman bank director in Ohio.

Mrs. Everhard suffered the injustice of paying money into the city treasury while having no voice in making the laws controlling the community.  Her sense of injustice impelled her to organize and equal rights association for Massillon and Canton in the late 1880s.  She served as president of the Ohio Suffrage Association, an office which she held for ten years.

With help from her Canton friend, Governor William McKinley, Mrs. Everhard and her colleagues persuaded Ohio legislators in 1894 to allow females to vote on school issues and to elected to local school boards.

Architecture: Mallalieu, Ross, Roberts, and Doll

Architectural structures designed by Mallalieu, Ross, Roberts and Doll Architects. The Massillon Museum preserves more than 400 of their blueprints in the permanent collection, and hundreds of architectural renderings and photographs of projects.

Available galleries:

Architects: Albrecht & Wilhelm


For additional archival collections available online, click here.

Purchase reproductions:
Price list for photo and film reproductions

Permanent Collection Objects:

Jewel Automobile 1907-1908

1907-08 Jewel Automobile, the first and only car made in Massillon

The Immel Circus

a 100-square-foot miniature, hand-carved circus

Oscar the Skeleton

a favorite part of the collection since 1934

Carpathia Crew Medal

Given by the Titanic survivors in 1912

Glass Canes & Whimsies

At the end of each workday, glassblowers were permitted to use remaining molten glass to make “whimsies,” which they kept for themselves and their friends.  They made goblets, glass hats, turtles, chains, flowers, and hollow balls. 


For more information on our permanent collection objects, we suggest purchasing our 75th Anniversary catalog:

The Massillon Museum’s 2008 summer exhibition—“Eclectic.Everyday.Elegant.”—celebrated 75 years of excellence. The Massillon Museum opened in 1933. The main gallery on the first floor will spotlight permanent collection objects deemed by the staff and exhibition committee to be the best 75 pieces in the collection, which numbers more than 100,000 items.

This 132-page, soft cover catalog accompanying the exhibition includes essays and color photographs of the Massillon Museum’s 75 most important permanent collection objects.

Virtual Exhibits:

The Massillon Museum currently preserves more than 60,000 photographs and 17,000 archival documents. In an effort to make these items accessible to the public for personal or research use, we present the following virtual exhibits for your enjoyment. Please note that all photographs, documents, and objects are copyright Massillon Museum, and permission must be obtained before an image is published or altered for any use, personal or commercial. To read more about image use, please see our page about for photo and film reproductions.

Click here to view the list of Virtual Exhibit Topics.

Purchase reproductions:
Price list for photo, audio, and film reproductions
Contact Archivist Mandy Altimus Stahl by phone: 330-833-4061 x 113, or by email.

Podcasts: Oral History Interviews

Topics include coal mining, nursing, African-Americans, World War II, and additional resources regarding objects in the Museum's Permanent Collection. Click here to view the list.

Purchase reproductions:
Price list for photo, audio, and film reproductions
Contact Archivist Mandy Altimus Stahl by phone: 330-833-4061 x 113, or by email.

Museum Publications:

The Massillon Museum staff have produced catalogs in conjunction with exhibits and major anniversaries since the early 2000s. These include scholarly essays, archival information, objects and archives from our permanent collection and other institutions. These publications may be viewed in the Velma B. Erwin Research Room, purchased through our online shop or in person at our OhRegionalities shop in the Museum lobby.

The Massillon Connection: A Pioneer Woman, a French Bishop, and a Village on a River (2015)
Faces of Rural America: Photographs by Henry Clay Fleming, Ravenswood, West Virginia (2011) and documentary
Faces of Rural America: Photographs by Belle Johnson, Monroe City, Missouri (2011) and documentary
Between Two Worlds: The Photography of Nell Dorr (2010)
Against the Grain: Modernism in the Midwest (2010)
Breaking with Tradition: Ohio Women Painters 1870-1950 (2009)
In the Garden (2009)
Eclectic. Everyday. Elegant:. The Massillon Museum Celebrates 75 Years (2008)
Darkrooms in a Digital Age (2007)
Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition Booklet and CD (2007-2008)
Midwestern Visions of Impressionism: 1890-1930 (2007)
History of the 104th OVI 1862-1866 (2006, reprint of the 1886 from the archives)
1861-1865 (2006)
Adaptations (2006) with documentary DVD
Rediscovering William T. Mathews: Painter of Presidents (2005)
Framework of a Community: The Steel Industry in Stark County (2004) and documentary
Untrodden Paths: Contemporary Landscapes (2003)

Who should I contact?

If you still need assistance, please be sure to check our rules and fees for researching onsite at the Velma B. Erwin Research Room, or view our price list for photo, audio, and film reproductions.

If you have a research request you may contact one of our staff members:

Mandy Altimus Stahl

Contact by email
Phone number: 330-833-4061 x 113
Contact Mandy for questions related to archives, documents, photographs, blueprints, and any additional two-dimensional works.

Also contact Mandy for questions related to clothing, furniture, paintings, household items, and any other three-dimensional artifacts.

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