GALLERIES CLOSED FRIDAY, MARCH 27 @ 11am The Museum will be hosting a film crew and will be closing the 2nd floor galleries. The main gallery is also closed, due to installation of Celebration in Art.
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Speakers Bureau


The programs listed below are free of charge, but donations are encouraged. We accept cash and checks made payable to the Massillon Museum.


To schedule a program, please contact Heather Haden, Education & Outreach Coordinator at 330-833-4061 x104 or by email. Presentations are booked on a first-come first-serve basis, so please be flexible; not all dates are available.

List of Presentations:

Presentations: Listed by Presenter


Heather Haden:

The S.S. Great Eastern and the Massillon Museum Collection (30-40 minutes)
Telepresence Art Installations and the Uncanny (40-60 minutes)
Art and Technology (30-40 minutes)
Bio Art (30 minutes)
Art across the Disciplines (30 minutes)
The Science of Seeing (30-40 minutes)
Postwar Women’s Fashion (30 minutes)
Abstract Expressionism (30-40 minutes)

Mandy Altimus Pond:

Titanic & the End of the Edwardian Era (60 minutes or longer)
Massillon & the Great War (WWI) (60 minutes)
Massillon Theaters of Stage & Screen (60 minutes)
Preserving Photographs & Documents (30-60 minutes)
Entertainment of the early 1900s (30-60 minutes)
Film as a Historic Resource (30-60 minutes)
Jacob Coxey & The Progressive Era (45 minutes)
Massillon & The Progressive Era (45 minutes)
Important Women of Massillon (30 minutes)
Women in Silent Film (30-60 minutes) 
Films of the Silent Era (30-60 minutes) 
Recording Your History, Oral Histories: Preserving Stories (30-60 minutes) 
Genealogy of the Massillon Area (30-60 minutes) 
Intermediate Digitization for Museums (45 minutes)
How to Research with Primary & Secondary Resources (45 minutes)
Digital Media Technology in Museum Exhibits & Education (45 minutes)
Case Study: Digitizing Photo Negatives (60 minutes)

Christopher Craft:

Artful Living: Collaborative Educational Program Promoting the Arts (45 minutes) 
Christmas Party at the White House, Celebration 2007 (45 minutes) 
Opportunities and Careers in Art (45 minutes) 
The American Civil War (45 minutes or more with Q & A) 
Civil War Living History (45 minutes or more with Q & A) 
The Social, Political and Diplomatic Significance of the Battle of Antietam (45 minutes) 
Massillon and the Civil War (45-60 minutes) 
An Overview of the American Revolution (45 minutes) 
Abraham Lincoln (45 minutes)

Alexandra Nicholis Coon: 

William T. Mathews: Painter of Presidents (30-60 minutes) 
Language of the Victorian Fan (20 minutes) 
Early-20th Century Women Photographers (30-40 minutes) 
Early Massillon Photographers (30-40 minutes) 
Preserving Photographs and Important Documents (30-40 minutes) 
How to Create a Museum Exhibit (30-40 minutes) 
Various Topics Related to Museum Studies (30-40 minutes) 
Dada and Surrealism (30-40 minutes)

Scot Phillips:

Intro to Silkscreening (40-60 minutes)
Advanced Silkscreening (40-60 minutes)
Photochemical Photobooth (20-30 minutes)
Painting Massillon’s Murals (40-60 minutes)

Emily Vigil:

Alternative Photographic Methods (30 minutes) 
The Artist as Bookmaker (30 minutes) 
Plein Air Painters: from Corot to Graham Nickson (30 minutes) 
Survey of Landscape Art (30 minutes) 
Creating document reproductions for exhibits (15-20 minutes)

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