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1938 Downtown Massillon Survey

In 1938, the Massillon Chamber of Commerce conducted a survey of downtown businesses. In addition to the statistics on products and foot traffic, the survey contains many photographs of Lincoln Way, capturing a snap shot of the whole downtown Massillon as it stood in 1938. See if you can identify buildings that are still standing!

Historic Photos on History Pin
Downtown Massillon Photos added to Google Maps give viewers a "then and now" look at Massillon! The Massillon Museum cares for more than 60,000 photographs in the permanent collection. Many requests come in to see photographs of downtown Massillon throughout time. Thanks for a new website, you can view Massillon history through our photos on History Pin!

Canal Photographs

Massillon, Ohio grew with the building and opening of the Ohio and Erie Canal in the late 1820s. Journey through Massillon and Navarre's canalways in photographs from the permanent collection. Click to here to view the slideshow.



1899 The Independent Souvenir Business Edition

The local newspaper, The Independent, featuring many Massillon businesses in this 1899 souvenir edition. The pages contain many interior views of businesses that do not exist elsewhere.

Massillon Restaurants

Massillon restaurant photographs from the permanent collection, 1870s-1970s. Please note, this is by no means an exhaustive photographic survey of restaurants.

Massillon Restaurant Menus c.1940-1980
Take a look back of Massillon's food selections and their prices! Menus include Frieg's, Venice, and the Sugar Bowl!

Russell & Company Photographs

Building and Grounds

Employees by Department

Employees: Miscellaneous

Events and Displays

Engines & Media Photos


Black History in Massillon

Massillon has a rich history of diversity. Read biographies of those who fought for equality, or led successful lives. This gallery also includes oral history interviews and documents.

Lillian & Dorothy Gish

These stars of the stage and silent screen spent time in Massillon with family members between performances. Lillian Gish befriended local photographer Nell Becker Dorr, who was her friend for life. The "Gish house" on historic Fourth Street was purchased by Lillian and Dorothy for their aunt.

To hear Lillian Gish deliver a speech to the congregation of St. Timothy's on October 25, 1981, click here.

Robert Peet Skinner, Journey to Abyssinia: The Hidden Empire

This exhibit follows Massillon native Robert Peet Skinner's journey to Abyssinia in 1903, with the goal of signing a trade treaty. Skinner was accompanied by fellow Massillonians Horatio Wales and Dr. Abraham Per Lee Pease.

For full virtual scrapbooks you may also view online:

"General" Jacob Coxey's March on Washington, 1894

Jacob Coxey had revolutionary ideas about currency and labor in his day. Coxey led the first protest march on Washington D.C. in 1894. This gallery shows photographs and materials related to that march. The Museum holds thousands of news clippings, pamphlets, letters, and family photographs from Coxey's political career and family.

For more finding aids, pamphlets, and a documentary film, click here.

Caroline McCullough Everhard: Women's Suffrage

Caroline McCullough was an energetic activist.  Highly respected for her public charitable works and her administrative ability, Everhard wrote for numerous literary journals, presided over the Charity School of Kendal board of trustees, helped found the Massillon Humane Society and the Massillon High School Alumnal Association, and helped organize and direct the McClymonds Public Library.  In 1885, she became the first woman bank director in Ohio.

Mrs. Everhard suffered the injustice of paying money into the city treasury while having no voice in making the laws controlling the community.  Her sense of injustice impelled her to organize and equal rights association for Massillon and Canton in the late 1880s.  She served as president of the Ohio Suffrage Association, an office which she held for ten years.

With help from her Canton friend, Governor William McKinley, Mrs. Everhard and her colleagues persuaded Ohio legislators in 1894 to allow females to vote on school issues and to elected to local school boards.

Poe Family Information and Genealogy
The Poe family settled in this area for a time. Adam Poe, best known for killing Chief Big Foot, is buried in Massillon Cemetery.


Civil War Portraits

The permanent collection contains local residents in the 1860s, mass-produced cabinet cards of famous Generals of the Civil War, and a series of G.A.R. photographs by Massillon photographer J.C. Haring. Click here to view the slideshow.

Massillon's 104th OVI & Harvey the Dog

Learn about Massillon's 104th OVI and their beloved mascot, Harvey, who was the longest serving "soldier" in the unit!

Civil War Letters: Merwin Family

Civil War letters from David and George Merwin of Massillon, Ohio. Each letter is accompanied by a transcription (if it was available).



Baseball in Massillon

This gallery contains several digital images taken of glass plate negatives, and prints of various teams and players. All glass negatives were formerly of the Dan Douglass collection, now in the permanent collection of the Massillon Museum.

Massillon Professional Tigers Football Team

Photographs from the Massillon Museum's permanent collection.

Massillon Washington High School Football
Photographs from the Massillon Museum's permanent collection, covering the Massillon Washington High School football teams from 1891. This is a small portion of the collection. For more information on panoramics or oversized photographs, please contact Archivist Mandy Altimus Pond via email or by phone: 330-833-4061 x113.

Paul Brown: Massillon Tigers (coach and player)

Photographs from the Massillon Museum permanent collection and images courtesy Paul E. Brown Museum and Massillon Tiger Football Museum

Paul Brown: Cleveland Browns (coach)

Photographs courtesy Paul E. Brown Museum and Massillon Tiger Football Museum

Paul Brown: Cincinnati Bengals (coach)

Photographs courtesy Paul E. Brown Museum and Massillon Tiger Football Museum

Paul Brown: Great Lakes Naval Academy (coach)

Photographs courtesy Paul E. Brown Museum and Massillon Tiger Football Museum

Paul Brown: Ohio State University (coach)

Photographs courtesy Paul E. Brown Museum and Massillon Tiger Football Museum

Paul Brown: Miami University (player)

Photographs courtesy Paul E. Brown Museum and Massillon Tiger Football Museum


McClymonds Building

Built in 1908 as Massillon's first skyscraper, this building has housed banks, doctor's offices, shoe stores, Woolworth's 5 & 10, and much more. This building still stands on the corner of Lincoln Way and Erie Street.


Contemporary Republic Steel World Headquarters Photographs By Photographer Jody Hawk

Photographer Jody Hawk presents contemporary interior and exterior photographs of the former Republic Steel World Headquarters on Oberlin Road in southwest Massillon. The images of the nearly-century-old building preserve its visual presence before its imminent demolition.

See the physical exhibit on the Museum's second floor from April 13 - June 2, 2013.

Contemporary Photographs of Massillon's WPA Projects By Photographer Ali Mercer

Intern and photographer Ali Mercer took 35mm film photographs of locations around Massillon where Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects took place in the 1930s.

See the physical exhibit on the Museum's lower level from April 13 - June 2, 2013.



Severe Weather in Ohio Online Exhibition
Organized by OhioHistory.org


Flood of 1913

March 2013 marks the centennial of one of the great floods in Massillon, Ohio. It marked the end of the Ohio & Erie canal that ran through downtown Massillon, caused damage to homes and businesses across the city. Because of the availability and popularity of photography at the time, the flood of 1913 is one of the most well-documented events in Massillon history. Enjoy more than 120 photos from the Massillon Museum's permanent collection.

Tornado in Perry Township, March 1955

In March 1955, a tornado ripped through Perry Township, just east of Massillon. These photos detail the damage.
Photographs taken by Jack Worthington, Massillon Independent.

Let it Snow!

Winter Photographs from the Permanent Collection
Click here to view these photographs.



Flood Control Project 1939-1951

The city of Massillon flooded every year, with the worst floods occurring in 1904, 1913, and 1935. The Tuscarawas River took a natural course that curved into the downtown, which increased the reach of the flood.

In 1936, the Massillon Chamber of Commerce formed a committee to work on flood control, officially called the Massillon Conservancy District. The project consisted of moving the Tuscarawas River, moving the railroad tracks, and creating 3 new viaduct bridges.

The project began in 1939 and was finally completed in 1951, costing more than $10 million. The Tremont viaduct opened on October 8, 1948; the Lincoln Way viaduct opened on November 11, 1949, and the Cherry Road viaduct opened on September 14, 1951.

Digitized from the original Independent negatives.
From the collection of the Massillon Museum, gift of the Evening Independent (91.47)

Parades in Massillon

Throughout Massillon's history, parades have been held to celebrate holidays, historical commemorations, major achievements by the city, and sometimes to highlight local business.

Labor Day in Massillon, 1903

Scanned program for the Labor Day celebration in Massillon, Ohio in 1903. The pages show many photographs from many local businesses and unions, as well as advertisements from businesses of the day.

1898 Merchants Street Fair

The Massillon Board of Trade sponsored a spectacular Merchants' Street Fair in 1898 to feature local businesses. Many grocers, clothiers, manufacturers, and miscellaneous stores set up. There were side shows, performances, and raffles. Unfortunately a fire in several of the booths cut the celebration short.

These photographs were taken on glass plates as negatives by Stan Baltzly, an amateur photographer. The images were digitized by volunteer Mark Pitocco and Archivist Mandy Altimus Pond in 2015.



A Century of Service: Massillon Community Hospital School of Nursing
Part II: 1950-1986

The Massillon Museum will mark the one hundredth anniversary of Massillon’s first nursing school graduating class with the new exhibition, A Century of Service: Massillon Community Hospital School of Nursing
*This virtual exhibit is in progress. Stay tuned for more information for each photograph!
You can also listen to audio recordings of the MCH School of Nursing Alumni Association.

A Century of Service: Massillon Community Hospital School of Nursing
Part I: 1910-1950

The Massillon Museum will mark the one hundredth anniversary of Massillon’s first nursing school graduating class with the new exhibition, A Century of Service: Massillon Community Hospital School of Nursing
*This virtual exhibit is in progress. Stay tuned for more information for each photograph!
You can also listen to audio recordings of the MCH School of Nursing Alumni Association.
Hall School: John Hall Fund papers
The John Hall Fund was set up under the terms of the will of John Hall of Massillon, Ohio, in 1854. He left the proceeds from the sale of his estate as a fund for the education of African-American children. Arvine C. Wales was appointed administrator for the estate. The terms of the will were challenged in court as being too vague, by whom it is not known, but the will was upheld. Arvine C. Wales continued to act as a Trustee, followed by Frank L. Baldwin, James H. Hunt, and others, mainly lawyers, to the 1970s.



Portraits of Dogs from the Permanent Collection

Many people love man's best friend. These dogs/friends become so important that many owners will pose with their dog for a painting or a photograph. Enjoy portraits of dogs from our permanent collection!

Documenting American Prosperity: Photographs from The Independent, 1947–1950

This online exhibit supplements the exhibit of 61 photographs on the second floor of the Museum on exhibit November 2, 2013 - January 31, 2014. The online exhibit features 141 of the scanned 1,600 negatives from the collection of the local newspaper, The Independent.

Massillon State Hospital

The Massillon State Hospital opened September 6, 1898. The hospital continued until the 1970s, when the focus changed, and today operates as the Heartland Behavioral Health Center. The Massillon Museum does not hold any patient or genealogical records. They do exist in the care of Heartland Behavioral Health Center, but these records are kept private.

These photographs are the only records that the Museum does hold, showing the hospital interiors, exteriors, and the nurses who cared for patients (taken from the Massillon Independent negatives) from the 1890s-1950s.

Faces of Rural America: Henry Clay Fleming & Belle Johnson

The staff of the Massillon Museum completed research about two of its photography collections: photographs by Belle Johnson of Monroe City, Missouri and Henry Clay Fleming of Ravenswood, West Virginia. If you would like to see these two collections in their entirety, please visit our project site: Faces of Rural America website.

Ohio Memory Online Scrapbook
A project of the Ohio Historical Society, the online scrapbook includes over 26,000 entries from over 330 archives throughout Ohio.  The Massillon Museum is among these archives, and a sampling of photographs taken by Nell Dorr are included on this site.



Wallpaper in Massillon, 1870-1950

This wallpaper book is from the Remien and Kuhnert Company of Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 1871, they remained in business until the 1980s.

Within this book were also wallpaper swatches saved from several Massillon homes, including that of Harter, Pease, and others from c.1870-1890.

Collection of the Massillon Museum
Gift of Albert Hise (BC 2449)

Massillon City Council Minutes 1853-1870

This ledger contains incorporation of the town of Massillon (with Kendal and West Massillon), election of first officers, council, and City Ordinances, from January 5, 1853 through June 11, 1870.

Brown leather-bound volume 8.5"x13"
Digitized through a grant from the Ohio Historic Records Advisory Board, 2013

Collection of the Massillon Museum
Gift of Massillon City Council (59.93.1)



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