Businesses: Massillon

Virtual Exhibits

1899 The Independent Souvenir Business Edition

The local newspaper, The Independent, featuring many Massillon businesses in this 1899 souvenir edition. The pages contain many interior views of businesses that do not exist elsewhere.

Transportation: Automobiles

Croxton-Keeton Automobiles

Automobiles and Garages

Massillon Restaurants Photos

Massillon restaurant photographs from the permanent collection, 1870s-1970s. Please note, this is by no means an exhaustive photographic survey of restaurants.

Massillon Restaurant Menus c.1940-1980
Take a look back of Massillon's food selections and their prices! Menus include Frieg's, Venice, and the Sugar Bowl!

Bars, Saloons, and Breweries

Massillon had several breweries, starting with the Forest City Malt House in 1842.

Grocery Stores of Massillon

Russell & Company Photographs

Building and Grounds

Employees by Department

Employees: Miscellaneous

Events and Displays

Engines & Media Photos

Labor Day in Massillon, 1903

Scanned program for the Labor Day celebration in Massillon, Ohio in 1903. The pages show many photographs from many local businesses and unions, as well as advertisements from businesses of the day.

1898 Merchants Street Fair

The Massillon Board of Trade sponsored a spectacular Merchants' Street Fair in 1898 to feature local businesses. Many grocers, clothiers, manufacturers, and miscellaneous stores set up. There were side shows, performances, and raffles. Unfortunately a fire in several of the booths cut the celebration short.

These photographs were taken on glass plates as negatives by Stan Baltzly, an amateur photographer. The images were digitized by volunteer Mark Pitocco and Archivist Mandy Altimus Pond in 2015.

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