MassMu Events & Education

April 2016

Apr 15

Day 23: Butterfly Release

By Day 23 during their stay at the Massillon Museum, all 10 painted lady butterflies had emerged, patterned and beautiful with wings flapping.  Nancy Gessner of MCTV, Inc., and April Olsen, Education and Outreach Coordinator, joined with Brandon Rohrer, Guest Operations Associate in releasing the 10 little butterflies on a sunny April...
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Apr 13

Day 21: 9 Little Butterflies

Yesterday, five more butterflies hatched, for a total of eight butterflies...and today, another emerged from its chrysalis, bringing our total to nine!  We are thrilled to have witnessed the journey these resilient creatures have made.  It seems as though every time we check on them this week, another chrysalis had been shed by a...
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Apr 11

Day 19: Butterflies have hatched!

A beautiful thing happened today:  three butterflies hatched from their cocoons!  At the Museum staff's morning check in, we observed that one of the butterflies had in fact emerged from the chrysalis stage.  We were thrilled to see how our little baby caterpillar had transformed into such a beautiful adult painted lady...
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Apr 5

Day 13 - Hanging out!

Museum staff came to work Tuesday morning to find that all 10 caterpillars had become completely encased in their coccoons and had entered the chrysallis stage!  Cup 2 is pictured below.  While we are uncertain how the two that had fallen in Cup 1 will respond when transferred to the butterfly habitat, or whether they survived the...
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Apr 4

Day 12: Mighty Morphing Butterflies!

After a restful weekend at MassMu, most of the caterpillars have entered the chrysalis stage and are hanging from the tops of the cups.  Eight of the caterpillars have become chrysalides; two are in the process of hardening.  Two of the chrysalides have fallen from the top of a cup, as you can see in ,left photo below.  Museum...
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