Sponsored by the Gaetano M. Cecchini Trust, the exhibition includes interactive monitors with biographical content and images highlighting eight Massillonians: James Duncan, Charity Rotch, Abel Fletcher, Caroline McCullough Everhard, Jacob Coxey, James Lawson, Guy Cecchini, and Richard Gessner.  The design was completed by Innis Maggiore, fabrication by CEI, the interactive components created by Classic Interactions, and the biographies narrated by Ray Hexamer.  Scripts were written by Margy Vogt.  Some of the innovators have additional interviews audible within the display.  

Children of Richard Gessner and Guy Cecchini, and James Lawson himself contributed audio to further illustrate the contributions of these individuals to the community in areas of business, technology, suffrage, photography, education, politics, industry, and activism. Philanthropy and civic engagement are additional threads connecting these individuals.  The exhibit is expected to grow over time to include additional innovators.