Each photographer has a distinct artistic eye regarding the natural landscape.  Ansel Adams was a known activist in the environmental movement.  His photo work reveals dramatic images of national parks, forests, rivers, and valleys.  These geographies have transformed since he captured them on film; the displayed images serve, therefore, as historical objects.

Nell Dorr was not as outspoken publicly about her feelings on environmental change; however, she is documented as commenting that humans should carefully interact with the natural world.  A selection of her photographs from In a Blue Moon and Mangroves delivers the reminders that as the landscape ages, so do we, and that humans and nature deserve the same respect.  

Although these artists have passed, their photographs continue to showcase the natural beauty around us.  Though some of the landscapes seen here have changed, the photographers' voices can still make an impact.  They remind us that by collaborating with others passionate about environmental conservation, we can amplify our impact to make a difference.