Current Exhibits

Aultman Health Foundation Gallery

[First Floor]

John W. Carlson: Set the Twilight Reeling

September 16–November 12, 2023
Paintings, prints, drawings, and objects


Second Floor and Permanent Collection Galleries

The Immel Circus Gallery

The Immel Circus is one of the most interesting “pieces” in the collection of the Massillon Museum. The 100-square foot miniature hand-carved circus contains 2,620 pieces. Surrounding the Immel Circus are rotating displays of a selection of circus-related artifacts from Dr. Robert Immel's collection.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Robert Immel, his collection, and miniature circus.

Click here to view a small online gallery of circus photos from the Immel Circus collection, including P.T. Barnum and Tom Thumb.


Permanent Collection Galleries


Featuring the Massillon Museum's permanent collection, including categories of Massillon history, photography, fine and decorative art, ethnographic and archaeological artifacts, and more.


Photography Gallery

Precarious Legacies: Exposures of a Fleeting Landscape

On view through July 2024

Precarious Legacies: Exposures of a Fleeting Landscape focuses on the conversation of environmental preservation through photographic images created by Ansel Adams (1902–1984) and Nell Dorr (1893–1988).  This exhibition showcases the beauty of the natural landscape in hopes of inviting dialogue about climate change and what actions are necessary to preserve these landscapes.

Each photographer has a distinct artistic eye regarding the natural landscape.  Ansel Adams was a known activist in the environmental movement.  His photo work reveals dramatic images of national parks, forests, rivers, and valleys.  These geographies have transformed since he captured them on film; the displayed images serve, therefore, as historical objects.

Nell Dorr was not as outspoken publicly about her feelings on environmental change; however, she is documented as commenting that humans should carefully interact with the natural world.  A selection of her photographs from In a Blue Moon and Mangroves delivers the reminders that as the landscape ages, so do we, and that humans and nature deserve the same respect.  

Although these artists have passed, their photographs continue to showcase the natural beauty around us.  Though some of the landscapes seen here have changed, the photographers' voices can still make an impact.  They remind us that by collaborating with others passionate about environmental conservation, we can amplify our impact to make a difference.  


Judith Paquelet American Indian Gallery


First Peoples of North America

American Indian tribes are documented as living on the North American continent by the end of the Pleistocene era 11,700 years ago.  Artifacts from the Massillon Museum’s permanent collection show the craftsmanship of a variety of tribes including Adena, Hopewell, Mississippians, Puebloans, Inuit, and local Nobles Pond Paleoindian site. 




Edward and Louise Mahoney Family Gallery


Ethiopian Expedition of 1903

President McKinley charged his friend Robert Peet Skinner (1866–1960) of Massillon with a diplomatic mission to Ethiopia, then known as Abyssinia, a European interpretation of the Ethiopians’ name for their nation: “Al-Habasha.”  After McKinley’s assassination in 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt renewed Skinner’s charge to open trade and diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and the United States.  

In 1903 Skinner traveled with a detachment of United States Marines, and Massillon residents Horatio Watson Wales (who served as secretary) and Dr. Abraham Per Lee Pease (who served as medical doctor).  Emperor Menelik II (1844–1913, reigned 1889–1913) was responsible for modernizing his country in a variety of ways.  Menelik's signature of the Treaty between the United States and the King of Ethiopia to Regulate the Commercial Relations between the Two Countries became the cornerstone for a long and fruitful friendship between Ethiopia and the United States.  The artifacts and images exhibited in this gallery were acquired during that 1903 Ethiopian expedition and represent gifts from Emperor Menelik II.  


Innovators of Massillon Gallery

Massillon Museum has opened a new permanent exhibition in its second-floor galleries.  Innovators of Massillon features individuals whose contributions in a variety of fields have impacted the Massillon community and resonated beyond.  

Sponsored by the Gaetano M. Cecchini Trust, the exhibition includes interactive monitors with biographical content and images highlighting eight Massillonians: James Duncan, Charity Rotch, Abel Fletcher, Caroline McCullough Everhard, Jacob Coxey, James Lawson, Guy Cecchini, and Richard Gessner.  The design was completed by Innis Maggiore, fabrication by CEI, the interactive components created by Classic Interactions, and the biographies narrated by Ray Hexamer.  Scripts were written by Margy Vogt.  Some of the innovators have additional interviews audible within the display.  

Children of Richard Gessner and Guy Cecchini, and James Lawson himself contributed audio to further illustrate the contributions of these individuals to the community in areas of business, technology, suffrage, photography, education, politics, industry, and activism. Philanthropy and civic engagement are additional threads connecting these individuals.  The exhibit is expected to grow over time to include additional innovators.  



Flex Space Galleries
[Second Floor]

Studio M Gallery

[Second Floor]



Paul Brown Museum Gallery
[Second Floor]

To learn more about the Paul Brown Museum, click here.

Paul Brown and Massillon Tigers Football Timeline

Permanent exhibit

Travel through more than 125 years of Massillon Tiger football, and the story of famed Coach Paul Brown in this 30-foot permanent display, featuring photographs and artifacts 1891 to the present.

*COMING SOON!*  The Paul Brown/Massillon Tigers Football Timeline is getting a facelift!  Updates to the contemporary history panel include the last three, record-breaking seasons. 


Massillon Faithful

Intern exhibition

For nearly ninety years, thousands of people have joined the Booster Club to get a closer look at the team, and help instill a stronger sense of spirit and pride within the community.  The objects displayed in this exhibit encapsulate the zealous attitudes and devotion people of Massillon have towards their city and their team.  These objects are proof of the Boosters’ accomplishment in their mission to support the team and to create intrigue, sparking enthusiasm among all ages.  Their work has seeped into the community, spreading both an unmatched and undying passion for their Massillon Tigers.  Curated by Walsh University student and Massillon Museum intern David Maxwell, Massillon Faithful showcases the community's passion for Massillon Tiger Football.


A Way to Win: Paul Brown's Innovations

July 29, 2023–January 7, 2024

Paul Brown is considered the father of modern football; his innovations created successful teams on and off the field.  From his high school teams through his professional coaching career, Brown put his players first.  Brown's contributions to the game of football include classroom coaching techniques, revolutionary halftime entertainment, equipment inventions, support organizations, and innovative play creation.   


Fred F. Silk Community Room Gallery

[Lower Level]

Ten Point Perspective

August 12–October 15, 2023
Artwork by the Artists of Group Ten
Exhibition reception: Saturday, September 16,
from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Image: C. Arthur Croyle, Too Busy, Acrylic/Oil, 22” X 30”

Click here for more information.


Lower Level Lobby



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